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Five Building Blocks of Mind-Body Wellness [Video Blog]

The same lifestyle factors that contribute to our physical health also impact our mental health. This video blog presents five essential building blocks of mind-body wellness, along with tips on how to incorporate these into your everyday life:

1. Exercise

Your exercise goal:
30 minutes of moderate or vigorous exercise per day (aim for a mix of cardio and strength training).

2. Nutrition

Your nutrition goal:
5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day (a good rule is that half of your plate should be made up of fruit & veg).

3. Hydration

Your hydration goal:
65 ounces of liquid per day (remember to avoid too many caffeinated & sugary drinks).

4. Sleep

Your sleep goal:
8 hours of restful sleep per night (if you feel flat or groggy in the morning, chances are your sleep has not been lengthy or deep/ restful). Watch 4 Tips for Getting Better Sleep.

5. Stress reduction

Your stress reduction goal:
a daily 5-minute stress reduction practice (meditation/yoga/deep breathing/walking/music/art, etc.).

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While the physical benefits may seem obvious, many of us vastly underestimate the impact these five simple practices can have on our mental health and sense of wellbeing. When introducing lifestyle changes, it can be helpful to focus on making only one change at a time.

If you were to focus on achieving one of these goals every day for the next 21 days, which would you pick?

Jenny Williams - NYC Therapist

Jenny Williams - NYC Therapist

Psychotherapist at myTherapyNYC
Offers individual and couples counseling in NYC. Specializes in depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQ, grief & loss, and creativity.
Jenny Williams - NYC Therapist

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6 replies
  1. Cate
    Cate says:

    Always a helpful reminder! I notice that even stepping up one of these areas is helpful for me. Sometimes trying to stay on top of all at once can feel overwhelming, so I try to commit to at least 2-3 to be top of mind each day. For me today I am focusing on exercising, sleep and hydration. 🙂

  2. Richard Cino
    Richard Cino says:

    A very digestible and easy to remember daily regiment- exercise and sleep are easy for me to forget so I appreciate it is connected to 3 others that I know to do-

  3. Ryan Jacobs
    Ryan Jacobs says:

    So many great tips that seem so simple. It is a nice reminder of how easy it can be to take care of ourselves if we just put the time into it.

  4. James
    James says:

    Great advice Jenny! I really like the examples of fruit and vegetables, it shows that the five servings per day are doable. Awesome!


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