Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation
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The Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation [Video Blog]

The difference between Mindfulness and Meditation can be confusing. Both practices focus on cultivating “presence” and on enhancing our attention and awareness, but there are some differences.

The practice of meditation usually involves formalized techniques which focus on the person’s “felt sense” of what is going on in the body and mind.

  • In meditation, we select an object of attention on which to gently rest our focus, this may be the breath, sound, or sensations in the body.
  • Meditation is usually done for a set period of time, in a chosen posture (whether that’s sitting, lying or standing), and is practiced once or twice a day.

Formal meditation is not for everyone. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines the more informal practice of mindfulness as: “paying attention in the present moment non-judgmentally.”

  • We can be mindful anywhere, anytime throughout the day.
  • Practicing mindfulness might include, really listening to our loved ones as they tell us their thoughts rather than thinking about our to-do list, or rehearsing what we will say next.
  • Try taking a “mindful pause“, stopping to deliberately notice what is going on for you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Feel free to share your experience with either meditation or mindfulness in the comment box below!

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Jenny Williams - NYC Therapist

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  1. Omar
    Omar says:

    Great video, I’ve been suggesting more meditation and mindfulness lately and this is helpful for me to be able to properly discuss the two.


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