Starting an Open Relationship
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Starting an Open Relationship? 5 Things to Ask

Along with more positive attitudes toward sex and sexual exploration in our culture, relationships seem to be “opening up” at a more rapid pace than ever before. The concept of an open relationship may seem both exciting and intimidating…
sex communication

Let's Talk About Sex! 4 Things to Improve Sex Communication

Good sex is a multi-sensory experience that brings connection, closeness, pleasure and intimacy between two or more consenting people. When you think about sex, the physical act is usually what comes to mind. Sex that is portrayed in movies,…
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Five Key Differences Between Love and Infatuation

Is “love at first sight” a contradiction in terms? Can you really love someone you’ve only known for a few months? According to psychologist Dorothy Tennov, feelings of infatuation are far too often confused with genuine love. We are a…
signs of an unhealthy relationship

4 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

How do you know if your relationship has become unhealthy? I often see couples stay in unhealthy relationships out of the fear of being alone. Others normalize their rocky romances; they convince themselves that their relationship, while tumultuous…
starting couples counseling

Starting Couples Counseling? 4 Things To Ask Yourself First

So you’re feeling like you need couples therapy. Maybe you’re wishing for a better connection with your partner or just feel stuck in the same negative patterns. No matter what your reasons, you should think through a few things when starting…
skills for validating

3 Skills for Validating Your Partner's Feelings

In any relationship, communication is essential, especially to get your needs met and let your partner know how you feel. When it’s working well, both partners can feel loving, connected, and secure. But when you encounter defensiveness or…

Are you a Tiger or a Turtle? Pursuer and Withdrawer Relationship Dynamics

We often take on roles that are familiar to us. When we recognize the roles that we play in relationships, we become more aware of our habits and behavior patterns; with this awareness comes the possibility for change within ourselves and an…
Communicate During Conflict
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How to Communicate During Conflict: 3 Simple Steps

Everyone has had the experience of not knowing what to say (or how to listen!) during conflict.  Whether it’s with a family member or friend, spouse or significant other, boss or colleague, we’ve all struggled to communicate something amidst…
How to Validate

How to Validate Your Partner’s Feelings

Communication in relationships is essential to getting your needs met and letting your partner know how you feel. When it’s working well, both partners can feel connected, loving and secure. But when efforts to share feelings or make requests…

Adoption: Myths & Facts

Every child benefits from a loving home in deeply profound ways. Adoption has made this permanently possible for hundreds of thousands of children worldwide. When children cannot remain with a relative, and new parents within their communities…