Our Values

At myTherapyNYC, we are guided by the belief that healing happens in connection with others. In the context of a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, you can take steps towards living a more fulfilling life and deepen your connection with yourself and others. Although each of our therapists brings their own unique background, training, and style to their sessions, we all aim to provide trauma-informed and attachment-focused therapy to the people we work with. This means we use therapy modalities that tap into our clients’ innate capacity for healing through the power of safety in relationships.




Our Core Values

At its core, therapy is a process of healing that takes place in the context of a relationship. We believe authenticity is a key component of that relationship. Many traditional therapies incorporate a style that is intended to be neutral, but can sometimes feel detached. At myTherapyNYC, we embrace the idea that a therapeutic relationship is a real relationship. We believe our clients can greatly benefit from us bringing our personalities and our caring hearts more fully into the room.

Connection and social support are some of the most important resources in cultivating mental and emotional health. At myTherapyNYC, we value our community and strive to bring resources and opportunities for connection to the community we serve. A few ways we do this is by offering webinars and workshops, collaborating with other wellness providers, and by specializing in group therapy.

So much of the pain and hurt in the world occurs in situations where compassion is missing. And, for many people, a lack of self-compassion lies beneath issues with self-esteem, communication, and intimacy. As therapists, we have a unique opportunity to bring a compassionate view to situations and struggles where it has been lacking – and compassion is contagious! So we often see how offering our compassion can prompt our clients to bring their own compassion to themselves and others.

No two people encounter life in the exact same way. The experiences we have, the way we are perceived by others, and the issues we struggle with are profoundly influenced by the various facets of our identities. Race, sexuality, gender, dis/ability, body size, socioeconomic history, ethnicity, and cultural background are all factors that intersect uniquely for each person. As therapists, it is imperative that we work to understand each individual’s experience of the world and how this informs what experiences they bring to therapy. Our practice is dedicated to  holding trainings and other learning opportunities to educate our therapists around issues related to inclusivity. In doing so, our goal is to provide a space that is truly safe for all, not just for some.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process. As therapists, it is important for us to continually engage with learning experiences in order for us to stay aware and responsive in our ever-changing world. We view competence in our work as something that requires ongoing training and exposure to new ideas. We also strive to bring learning experiences to our community in the form of blogs, vlogs, webinars, and workshops.

At its best, psychotherapy helps people to transform into a stronger and more connected version of themselves. But transformation doesn’t happen through an exchange of words alone. We believe that tending to our emotions in connection with others leads to experiences that foster transformation. We also see a secure therapeutic relationship as a bond that can help to correct the damage done in other relationships. This is why many of our psychotherapists are drawn to experiential and relational approaches to therapy like AEDP, Gestalt therapy, and EFT.

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