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8-week Support Group in NYC

Looking for a Support Group in NYC to deal with mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, dating, relationship issues and more?

This short-term support group will focus on building and strengthening skills and coping strategies for emotional health and well-being. Over the 8 weeks, the group will focus on different common themes prioritized by group members, facilitating peer learning and skills building through the use of a relational lens that magnifies members’ strengths and empowerment. The support group welcomes a diverse range of experiences, with a targeted focus on individuals who have faced structural barriers and/or marginalization from mental healthcare.

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Our Mental Health Support Group can be particularly helpful around issues related to Anxiety and Depression, along with:

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Mental Health Support Group in NYC

Mental Health Support Group

Mondays from 6:30-8pm starting March 25th

Fee $80 / In-network with Blue Cross & Aetna / Sliding Scale Available

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Group therapy can promote learning through listening to the experiences of others and sharing your own experiences in a supportive setting. As a result, many gain new perspectives and insights into their lives. Group membership can also reinforce a sense of connection, decrease one’s sense of feeling alone, and increase self-esteem. Group therapy should be seen as a complement to—and not replacement for—individual therapy, which allows for more in-depth exploration of individual challenges in a one-on-one setting.

Though there is often plenty of support offered in process groups, the main distinction between support groups and process groups is the level of involvement from the group members. Where support groups may have more structured learning activities, process groups allow for members to bring present concerns or challenges to the group to process them together with their peers. Though some structure will be provided, process groups allow for flexibility and thrive off of member participation and interaction.

Group therapy encourages sharing and learning. Members will help to shape the weekly themes, which will cover common challenges such as: managing stress and anxiety, dealing with the effects of depression, and more. 

Groups are $75 for each group session. Groups are insurance reimbursable, much like individual therapy. We are an “in network” provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna insurances. Group therapy qualifies for reimbursement for those with other insurance plans that offer out of network mental health benefits. Also, we offer a sliding scale for those who who do not have insurance or have out of network benefits.

Contact us for a free 15-minute phone consultation or fill out our get started questionnaire. Before you join the group, we would have an individual initial session to assess if the group is right for you.

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