Starting an Open Relationship
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Starting an Open Relationship? 5 Things to Ask

Along with more positive attitudes toward sex and sexual exploration in our culture, relationships seem to be “opening up” at a more rapid pace than ever before. The concept of an open relationship may seem both exciting and intimidating…
What is Trauma
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What is Trauma? [Video]

What is trauma? Trauma is both a psychological and physiological experience. It occurs as a result of a severely distressing event, or a series of such events, that exceed person’s normal capacity to cope. Trauma comes with a shock to…
gay shame

Gay Shame: 5 Ways Gay Men Compensate

  Perfect Bodies. Expensive Clothes. Lavish Vacations. All these are great, but what if none of them makes the person who has them happy? Gay Men are notorious for being tastemakers and having their finger on the pulse of everything…
Questions about PrEP

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going On PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is on the minds of many gay men in New York City. It seems everyone knows someone on it or is taking it himself. The drug effectively blocks HIV infections 92-99% of the time for people who take it everyday,…
life after coming out

More Than Out: How to Live a Joyful and Fulfilling Life After Coming Out

Coming out and living life fearlessly and joyfully is rarely just one step. Typically, it’s a process involving many bold steps and a commitment to living a liberated life. While the process of coming out is liberating, it is not a one-way…
gay dating in nyc

The Secret to Gay Dating in NYC

Nearly ever gay man in New York has had the thought that "everyone has a boyfriend but me!  What's wrong with me?"  The truth is, of course, that there's likely nothing wrong with you, but there is a lot wrong with how people date in NYC. In…
Healthy Gay Relationship
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The First Step to Entering a Healthy Gay Relationship

A few years ago I first saw a client who was extremely frustrated and sad because he was having trouble finding a quality guy.  I’ll call him Harold.  Harold wanted so badly to be in a committed relationship.  Whenever he went out he would…