mind-body wellness
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Five Building Blocks of Mind-Body Wellness [Video Blog]

The same lifestyle factors that contribute to our physical health also impact our mental health. This video blog presents five essential building blocks of mind-body wellness, along with tips on how to incorporate these into your everyday…
Major Depressive Disorder
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What is Major Depressive Disorder? [Video Blog]

Major Depressive Disorder is a very common mental disorder which presents in many different forms. The severity ranges from mild, moderate, and severe. Depression affects the way you think, feel, and behave. Knowing if you or someone you know…
difference between guilt and shame

The Difference Between Guilt and Shame [Video Blog]

Knowing the difference between guilt and shame is an important distinction. It can be a powerful tool in helping you understand these emotions and the influence they can have over you. Guilt and shame can feel similar at the surface but are…
Nikki Lutin

3 Tips to Better Manage Anger [Video Blog]

We all have experienced anger before and know that it can take on multiple states, whether it is a passing feeling of annoyance or a full-on rage. Anger can be a healthy emotion if it’s properly identified and appropriately controlled so that…
5 Ways to Shift Negative Thinking [Video Blog]

5 Ways to Shift Negative Thinking [Video Blog]

Everyday can be a struggle to get a hold on our thoughts. Our minds can start to rapidly take over causing us to feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. We are told to think positively and everything will be better: it is often easier than…
getting better sleep

4 Tips for Getting Better Sleep! [Video Blog]

Here are 4 tips for getting better sleep: 1) Set a Bedtime Routine. 2) Set a Wake-Up Routine. 3) Use Your Bedroom for Sleep and Sex. 4) Turn Your Phone Off. Have any tips or thoughts for improved sleep habits? Please share them b…