Do I Have an Eating Disorder?
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Do I have an Eating Disorder? 5 Questions to Ask [Video]

  Have ever found yourself asking the question: Do I have an eating disorder? If you have here's some things to keep in mind: there are important distinctions between a strict but manageable diet, and habits that are so strict they…
somatic experiencing

Healing the Pain of Addiction with Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a form of therapy aimed at relieving the pain of addiction by focusing on your perceived body sensations. The centering is supported by meditative breath work. This type of therapy reinforces your inherent capacity for…
signs for internet addiction

Surfing yourself into a Stupor? 5 signs of Internet Addiction

Time spent online can be productive and enjoyable. You may use the Internet extensively for your job, or, like me, rely on social networking sites to keep in touch with loved ones overseas. But what if you find yourself checking Twitter as soon…
moderate drinking

10 Ways to Moderate Your Drinking

  Alcohol may be a part of your everyday life.  You may drink socially or even enjoy a drink after a long day of work. But it is important to pay attention to your consumption habits as sometimes drinking can become problematic. If…
Neurofeedback for addictions

Neurofeedback for Addictions

More and more frequently I hear about addiction rehab facilities incorporating neurofeedback into their in-patient programs. People find me after their discharge in order to continue neurofeedback as part of their aftercare programs. Why?…