Do I Have an Eating Disorder?
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Do I have an Eating Disorder? 5 Questions to Ask [Video]

  Have ever found yourself asking the question: Do I have an eating disorder? If you have here's some things to keep in mind: there are important distinctions between a strict but manageable diet, and habits that are so strict they…
trust your instincts

Trust Your Instincts: Using Feelings as a Guide

Understanding how to use feelings as a guide may be the key to unlocking a more fulfilling life. It sounds like a simple task: to notice what you are feeling, use that information to identify your needs, and take an action toward getting your…
Major Depressive Disorder
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What is Major Depressive Disorder? [Video Blog]

Major Depressive Disorder is a very common mental disorder which presents in many different forms. The severity ranges from mild, moderate, and severe. Depression affects the way you think, feel, and behave. Knowing if you or someone you know…
difference between guilt and shame

The Difference Between Guilt and Shame [Video Blog]

Knowing the difference between guilt and shame is an important distinction. It can be a powerful tool in helping you understand these emotions and the influence they can have over you. Guilt and shame can feel similar at the surface but are…
how to make a good decision

How to Make a Good Decision

Effective decision-making is stressful and can often be time consuming. We are presented with so many decisions every day ranging from whether we should go to the gym, what TV show we should watch, or when we should apply for a new job. Sometimes…
somatic experiencing

Healing the Pain of Addiction with Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a form of therapy aimed at relieving the pain of addiction by focusing on your perceived body sensations. The centering is supported by meditative breath work. This type of therapy reinforces your inherent capacity for…
Nikki Lutin

3 Tips to Better Manage Anger [Video Blog]

We all have experienced anger before and know that it can take on multiple states, whether it is a passing feeling of annoyance or a full-on rage. Anger can be a healthy emotion if it’s properly identified and appropriately controlled so that…
Be Your Own Valentine: Love Yourself First!
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Be Your Own Valentine: Love Yourself First!

Ah, Valentine’s Day: a day both celebrated and dreaded! You may be that person who showers your significant other with heart-shaped chocolates, the person who can’t wait for the day to end, or indifferent to what you believe to be a commercialized…
work-life balance

4 Tips for a Healthier Work-Life Balance

In NYC, it’s often difficult to distinguish between who we are and what we do. We may feel like we’re working 24/7 and are even made to feel guilty for leaving work to take care of ourselves. It can feel like an impossible feat to create…
self care tips
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5 Self Care Tips in 5 Minutes or Less!

Do you wish you could take better care of yourself, but don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day?  Finding time for self-care may feel impossible in a world full of distractions and when there is always more to be done. Yet there…