The Secret to Gay Dating in NYC

gay dating in nyc

Nearly ever gay man in New York has had the thought that "everyone has a boyfriend but me!  What's wrong with me?"  The truth is, of course, that there's likely nothing wrong with you, but there is a lot wrong with how people date in NYC.  In New York or elsewhere, a date can so often be a setup ... [Read More]

Four Steps to Combat Shame

Puzzle Solved And 3d Characters Displays Team And Teamwork

Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are bad, wrong or broken and therefore unworthy of love and belonging. It is a universal emotion that we all share when something we have done or not done could cause disconnection with others. Shame gets its power from ... [Read More]

Neurofeedback for Sleep

neurofeedback for sleep

It's important to get good sleep. We used to believe that the brain just shut off during sleep, but that's very far from the truth. Learning is integrated, hormones are produced, toxins are cleared out, and much more, all happen during sleep. Sleep is a primary need I once saw a photograph of ... [Read More]

Choosing the Right Massage Therapist for your Physical Treatments

massage therapist

Finding the right physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist is just as important as finding the right primary care physician or psychotherapist. How your body reacts to touch can have a great impact on your physical and emotional healing. A bad experience with the wrong practitioner can ... [Read More]

How to Find Some Stillness in a Life of Constant Movement


So we know that everything is movement, right? Everything.  Even what we perceive to be a solid object sitting in stillness is made-up of movement.  If we were to look under a microscope at anything, your hand, a table, the screen you’re reading this on, we’d see a buzz of activity – protons and ... [Read More]

Neurofeedback for Anxiety


Neurofeedback can be very helpful with: Social Anxiety Generalized Anxiety OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Panic Attacks Phobias All of these, and other forms of anxiety are miserable to have. If you have or have had any of them, you know that all too well. People who are both ... [Read More]

2 Ways to Deal With Ambivalence


What comes to mind when you think of ambivalence? For many it can have a negative connotation: fence sitting, indecisiveness, confusion, contradiction. It implies you know what you have to do, but you just can’t decide or make up your mind. However, the definition of ambivalence is simpler: it ... [Read More]

How to Stay Professionally Productive at Work


New research in the fields of neuroscience and organizational psychology suggests by setting appropriate, short-term goals we can maximize our productivity at work.  As we accomplish tasks and projects in small chunks, we end up getting more done and feeling better about our work products.  In ... [Read More]

How Does Successful Change Happen?


It’s said that change is the only constant in life. Even without planning it, it’s happening: our bodies grow, seasons change and the world keeps spinning forward.  And yet somehow when you want to change something, it seems that the change is harder to begin or commit to. Whether it’s taking a ... [Read More]

How to Let Go of Perfectionism

Silhouette of man and sunshine

Is perfectionism an issue for you? Are you struggling with the idea that you must do everything perfectly? If you do it perfectly then you will be happy and so will those around you? The pressure to be perfect can be unbearable and cause us to feel anxious, stressed, disappointed, and even ... [Read More]