Communicate Effectively This Holiday

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Tis the season to be jolly… isn’t that what they say? Holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year. There are plenty of demands and expectations put upon us that can be anxiety producing. Family and friends want the celebrations to be fun and joyful. Getting together to spend time with ... [Read More]

Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care

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Although the holidays are intended to leave us feeling fulfilled, loved, and accomplished, they often leave us feeling more stress than pleasure.  Many people are concerned with the amount of time they need to spend with family members during the holidays, and often feel a sense of dread in the ... [Read More]

How to Eat Mindfully This Holiday

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For many of us, our happiest memories of the holiday time are intertwined with the sensory experience of eating. We think about the smell of a family recipe in the oven; we relish the thought of a treat we only indulge in during a special time of year. For those of us who have any tendency towards ... [Read More]

Be Present This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a time of year when families, friends, and communities come together across cultures to celebrate. It is a time when we begin to see many images of joyous celebration, feasting, spending, and comfort. Coupled with that can come feelings of stress or distress. While the reasons ... [Read More]

Managing Holiday Expectations

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Before the holidays even begin, decorations go up in public places and the radio begins to bombard us with cheery music about sleigh bells, carriage rides and candy canes! This can create pressure to enjoy each and every moment of the holidays. Unrealistic expectations of how we should feel can make ... [Read More]

Cultivating Gratitude

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  For many of us, the holidays can be a tough time of year. Any number of emotions can come up. But what if you could learn a better way to “survive” the holidays and give yourself the ultimate gift: gratitude? By more fully appreciating the people in your life, individual circumstances and ... [Read More]

What To Do and Not Do For Better Sleep

what to do and not do for better sleep

These days, new research comes out regularly on the importance of sleep. What I used to call sleep machismo ("I can get by on five hours a night!") is being challenged in relationship to learning, organ health, hormone production and more. If you're giving yourself enough hours in your bed but ... [Read More]

What is Empathy? And How To Practice It!

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Have you ever found yourself talking to a friend, family member, or partner about something and feel that they "just don't get it!"?  This is a normal frustration that arises when you don’t get the empathy you desire. Empathy is the ability to enter the world of another person as they see and ... [Read More]

Neurofeedback for Addictions

Neurofeedback for addictions

Neurofeedback for addictions More and more frequently I hear about addiction rehab facilities incorporating neurofeedback into their in-patient programs. People find me after their discharge in order to continue neurofeedback as part of their aftercare programs. Why? Because it can be such a ... [Read More]

The Secret Key to Instant Manifestation

Instant Manifestation

Think for a moment about your breathing. You can have profound experience by learning to concentrate on your breathing and getting in touch with the hidden abilities of your mind and body; you can tap into the “Law of Attraction”, the system of abundance that is always working for you through ... [Read More]