3 Strategies for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are a vital part of maintaining healthy relationships. They are stated limits that build integrity and authenticity in our relationships with others. Setting Healthy Boundaries lets others know what is OK and what is NOT OK. When our boundaries are respected, we feel safe and ... [Read More]

Trauma, Social Media and Self Care

Social media increasingly allows us to become more connected to our communities and to local, national and global events in real time. As we find ourselves with more immediate access to information and news, we also experience the tragedies and traumas of the world as they occur. Over the past few ... [Read More]

Helping Someone with Depression: 5 Ways to Be Supportive

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to approach a loved one about their depression. Watching someone suffer from depression can cause tremendous pain and can result in the non-depressed person feeling a mix of emotions including loneliness, guilt, helplessness and anger. If you have ever ... [Read More]

4 Strategies for Overcoming Rejection

Everything from "we've decided to hire someone with a little more experience" to "he/she is just not that into you" all point to one uncomfortable yet inevitable part of life: REJECTION. Many of us try desperately to avoid rejection because frequently it comes with a list of concerns about our own ... [Read More]

3 Things to Avoid on a First Date

Going on a first date can be nerve racking. There are so many questions that can lead to anxiety. What to wear? Where to go? How do you split the bill? With so many unanswered questions dates can take an awkward turn that can end a new relationship dead in its tracks. Here are three things to avoid ... [Read More]

7 Ways to Cultivate your Creativity

Spring has finally sprung in New York City! After the overcast skies, heavy sweaters and stagnancy of winter, this season of color, vibrancy and growth never fails to stir my creative spirit. From a scientific perspective, creativity can be understood as the ability to come up with something ... [Read More]

5 Tips to Reduce Anxiety Before a Stressful Event

Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, racing thoughts, negative self-talk, and nervous tics...We've all been there.  These are just some of the common reactions we have right before a stressful event.  It can seem like we have no control over the anxiety, which typically leaves us feeling powerless ... [Read More]

5 Ways for Coping with Grief and Loss

The loss of a loved one, a relationship or even a job can have a significant and devastating impact on our lives. When we experience loss, we can expect to be faced with a number of symptoms including shock, sadness, guilt, anger, fear and physical symptoms. It is important to get support from ... [Read More]

3 Steps to Finding a Relationship

Dating and looking for a relationship can be a difficult and daunting experience. The nature of dating sites and apps promise you will find the partner of your dreams and make it seem simple. But the truth about the search is that most of us are not taught how to seek out the relationship we want. ... [Read More]

Surfing yourself into a Stupor? 5 signs of Internet Addiction

Time spent online can be productive and enjoyable. You may use the Internet extensively for your job, or, like me, rely on social networking sites to keep in touch with loved ones overseas. But what if you find yourself checking Twitter as soon as you wake up in the morning, scrolling through your ... [Read More]