What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

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Everyone has an opinion. Anyone who has successfully lost weight would assure you that you must do exactly what he or she did; however, if you are still struggling, you are in the majority.  You may have unsuccessfully attempted a variety of programs and plans, and are always enthusiastic about the ... [Read More]

Spring & STRESS! Decompress with Acupuncture!


It’s that time of year again (finally!). . .  the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the mercury is rising.  After the cold and dark of winter – especially this winter! – we want to drop all of our extra layers and get outside, get some exercise, move ahead on our goals and projects, and feel ... [Read More]

Adoption: Myths & Facts


Every child benefits from a loving home in deeply profound ways. Adoption has made this permanently possible for hundreds of thousands of children worldwide. When children cannot remain with a relative, and new parents within their communities cannot be found, adoption opens another pathway to ... [Read More]

Neurofeedback – What to Expect in a Session


The short answer: You'll be sitting in a comfortable chair listening to music and watching attractive, abstract moving visuals, or if you prefer, closing your eyes. The system will be reading the electrical activity on the surface of your head (your EEG) via five sensors attached to your scalp ... [Read More]

Am I Emotionally Connected To My Partner?


The most common issue couples come into therapy for is dissatisfaction with the emotional connection they have for each other. In order for a couple to feel emotionally connected, both partners need to feel as though they are in a safe, secure relationship. A safe and secure relationship is ... [Read More]

Spice It Up! Five Tips for Keeping the Passion in Your Relationship


Few things give us as many warm feelings, meaningful memories, opportunities for connection than a long-term romantic relationship.   We also know that relationships come with their fair share of challenges.  Staying intimately connected to someone else is difficult!   Below, you'll find five tips ... [Read More]

How Can Neurofeedback Help with So Many Things?


It's a great question, and one that sometimes has people ambivalent about trying neurofeedback. How can it be that good? How can any one thing help with problems ranging  from depression, anxiety, insomnia... to the desire to lower your golf score? Here's why it can be that good. Neurofeedback ... [Read More]

Meds for Mental Health?

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Picture this scenario: you are seeing your primary care doctor for your annual checkup and your doctor tells you that your blood pressure is high. You are frustrated as your blood pressure has been high over the last several years despite following your doctor’s recommendations of improving your ... [Read More]

How Old Do I Look? Ways to Get Un-Twisted About Age

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A friend of mine recently told me about being in a bar and chatting someone up. During the small talk/flirtation, the object of interest coyly asked the question, “How old do I look?”  Granted, the person asking could have been 25 or 55, but my friend knew the correct answer seemed to be…any number ... [Read More]

What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a form of energetic healing which uses the universal life force to gently move energy in body and spirit and thus create space for the health and healing of the receiver. Universal life force is often known as Ki, Ch’i, Goddess, Universe, and God. All things that are alive have Ki. A ... [Read More]