What To Do and Not Do For Better Sleep

what to do and not do for better sleep

These days, new research comes out regularly on the importance of sleep. What I used to call sleep machismo ("I can get by on five hours a night!") is being challenged in relationship to learning, organ health, hormone production and more. If you're giving yourself enough hours in your bed but ... [Read More]

What is Empathy? And How To Practice It!

what is empathy

Have you ever found yourself talking to a friend, family member, or partner about something and feel that they "just don't get it!"?  This is a normal frustration that arises when you don’t get the empathy you desire. Empathy is the ability to enter the world of another person as they see and ... [Read More]

Neurofeedback for Addictions

Neurofeedback for addictions

Neurofeedback for addictions More and more frequently I hear about addiction rehab facilities incorporating neurofeedback into their in-patient programs. People find me after their discharge in order to continue neurofeedback as part of their aftercare programs. Why? Because it can be such a ... [Read More]

The Secret Key to Instant Manifestation

Instant Manifestation

Think for a moment about your breathing. You can have profound experience by learning to concentrate on your breathing and getting in touch with the hidden abilities of your mind and body; you can tap into the “Law of Attraction”, the system of abundance that is always working for you through ... [Read More]

How to be Assertive & Stand Up For Yourself!

how to be assertive

Are you worried that you’re turning into a “doormat?” Are you tired of feeling powerless and passive? Many people take a more avoidant approach in their relationships for fear that assertiveness may compromise their interpersonal relationships. Nobody wants to be viewed as pushy, bossy, or ... [Read More]

Reiki 101: Quick Tips For Checking In With Your Chakras

reiki 101

Many forms of energy work have emerged into the mainstream in recent years, including acupuncture and biofeedback. Reiki, a Japanese natural healing technique, is also a form of energy work that focuses on releasing, moving, or adding energy to points on the body called chakras. Many people have ... [Read More]

How to Say “No” Without being Rude. 5 Ways!

how to say no

  Do you feel like a bad person for saying “no” to others? Is your fear of saying “no” causing you to over-commit yourself and increasing your stress? If this sounds familiar, you need to learn that saying “no” is a healthy option and is an important relationship skill that helps individuals ... [Read More]

5 Easeful Steps to Start Your Own Meditation Practice

how to start your own meditation practice

As a yoga teacher, one of the most common questions I receive is how to start a meditation practice.  So many people have heard about the incredible benefits of meditation and the choice to meditate seems easy, but beginning a practice at home is daunting.  The process I recommend below is based on ... [Read More]

How to Keep Calm on a First Date: 5 Easy Tips!

how to keep calm on a first date

Ever feel overwhelmed by the jitters before heading out on a first date?  Consider these five simple tips for keeping calm and showing off your best self when you're on the way to meet someone new. 1.  Find your breath.  Checking in with the rhythm of your inhale and exhale is probably the ... [Read More]

The Secret to Gay Dating in NYC

gay dating in nyc

Nearly ever gay man in New York has had the thought that "everyone has a boyfriend but me!  What's wrong with me?"  The truth is, of course, that there's likely nothing wrong with you, but there is a lot wrong with how people date in NYC.  In New York or elsewhere, a date can so often be a setup ... [Read More]